Urben Explorer - Copenhagen

Consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities, Copenhagen is picturesque and relaxed, with a commitment to sustainability and quality design. Urben directors Paul & Elizabeth spent a weekend there visiting friends, and this is what they found.  Staying with friends for the weekend we were reminded how much we enjoy Copenhagen, this time seeing it from the water too.

Sustainability is big business in Denmark and it is even possible to be given a tour of the different innovations in this field (https://stateofgreen.com/en), including the BIG designed Amager Bakke waste-to-energy plant (complete with rooftop ski slope!), that is currently under construction. Some of Copenhagen's experimental architecture misses the mark, but there are many examples of excellent contemporary buildings. The city has held the line on building heights, retaining the unique character of its historic centre.  There are several large scale regeneration projects where taller buildings are however proposed, including at Nordhaven and the Aarhus harbour development area. The Brookings Institutions' research into the "Copenhagen Model" of large scale urban regeneration, is an interesting read and available at: content/uploads/2017/05/csi_20170601_copenhagen_port_paper.pdf Research and innovation in the built environment is also being supported through the creation of Bloxhub, a co-working space and research lab for sustainable urbanisation (http://bloxhub.org/).

 Children enjoying Copenhagen Waterfront

Children enjoying Copenhagen Waterfront

If you are in Copenhagen, here are a few suggestions:

  • Eat lunch at Paper Island – catch it before it’s gone
  • Visit the Danish Architecture Centre for great tours and books: http://www.dac.dk/en
  • Take a drive out of town using Drive Now or any of the other car share services, to the Louisiana Museum (or get their by bike / train / bus)
  • Hire an electric boat and pootle about the waterways on a sunny day (395 DKK for 1 hour): http://www.friendships.dk/en/boat-rental-christianshavn/
  • Scoff pastries from Ole and Steen
  • Check out innovative architecture - the Royal Opera House or any building by BIG
  • Get ready for the NOMA 2.0 – the world’s best restaurant returns to its home city of Copenhagen later in 2017, with new premises where they will also grow their own produce. If you can’t wait, NOMA is hosting a pop up restaurant beneath Knippelsbro Bridge with a set menu (including drinks) for 1,000DKK: http://noma.dk/   
 Urban Life on the Water in Copenhagen

Urban Life on the Water in Copenhagen