Urben on The Urbanist

On Thursday 4th June our Director Elizabeth Reynolds joined Editor Andrew Tuck on episode 190 of The Urbanist on Monocle radio (http://monocle.com/radio/shows/the-urbanist/).  The episode features stories on underground transport systems in New York, Singapore and Toronto; the Lowline park proposed for New York; and our views on the importance of the spaces beneath our cities. 

The radio interview follows Elizabeth’s keynote address for a session at the World Tunnelling Congress in Dubrovnik on 26th May, hosted by the International Tunnelling Academy Committee on Underground Spaces (ITACUS).  The session brought together planners, engineers, architects and geologists to discuss innovation in using underground spaces and launched the book ‘Think Deep: Planning, development and use of underground space in cities’.  The book is published by both ITACUS and the International Society of City and Regional Planning (ISOCARP) and features five case studies, ours being NY-Lon Underground’ – research considering how New York and London have evolved in their approaches to underground development. 

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In addition to our work with ITACUS and ISOCARP, in November Elizabeth spoke at the Commonwealth Association of Planners conference in Singapore, and in January this year we published our Underground Urbanism project with Royal College of Art, for which we received a Design Innovation Award.  To learn more about planning and designing the resources beneath our cities, we are also hosting an event for the Urban Design Group in London on 16th September – so stay tuned for more details!