The Loneliness Lab

Innovation: Ideas to tackle loneliness & social isolation.

In the early Autumn Urban Studio’s Director David Fearon took part in the Loneliness Lab, which is an initiative to combat loneliness and social isolation in our cities.

The Loneliness Lab has been created to bring together business, government and civil society to explore how we can reshape and reimagine our cities to design out loneliness and isolation. To reimagine the places in which we live and work, in ways that help us to make connections more easily, to get to know our neighbours, and to feel part of a community. Most importantly of all, to reimagine the city so that the most vulnerable and isolated are included.

David’s team presented to key stakeholders and organisation their idea of “an emergent emotional network to enable connections between neighbours”. In a bid to try and tackle the growing problem of #loneliness in our cities. As a team they conceived and tested an initial prototype which allowed people to engage with each other by sharing their emotions.

The idea is as simple as choosing a colour to express your mood and adding a note about how you feel. It’s hoped this can help people take the first step towards connecting with their neighbours, through an initial emotional connection, #empathy.

The concept was well received and has great potential to make a difference at a one to one scale, but thinking bigger it could be used to gauge the mood of a whole building, a street, or even a town or city as a whole.

Many many great ideas have emerged through the #LonelinessLab process so far, and we look forward to seeing how lab continues to unfold.

If you would like to discuss this further feel free to contact us at we would love to hear from you.

More information on the lab itself can be found at:

The Loneliness Lab

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Express how you feel

Make a meaningful connection with someone